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Product Detail Normal Size Range:  L:1 — 200mm , W:0.5 — 100mm , T:0.3 — 120mm Max.Block:  Rectangular:L200 × W80 × T50mm , Square:L100 × W100 × T60mm Longest Magnetized Direction:  200mm Min. Block:  L1 × W1 ×T 0.3mm Note:Generally Speaking ,For Block,If You Would Like To Keep One Larger Dimension, The Other Size Have To Be Narrowed Accordingly,If You Need Two Larger Dimension ,Too Thin Thickness Not To Be Allowed.Because The Great Brittleness Of SmCo Easily Cause Fracture When Assembly . ...

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Range Size nurmale: L: 1 - 200mm, W: 0.5 - 100mm, T: 0.3 - 120mm
Max.Block: Rectangular: L200 × W80 × T50mm, Square: L100 × W100 × T60mm
Diner Magnetized Direction: 200mm
Min. Block: L1 × W1 × T 0.3mm

Nota : Giniralmenti Messe, Per Block, Sè You like To Cecceccu Dimension One Larger, The Autres Size Ti To Be Narrowed pràtica, Sè tu Mulateri Di Two Dimension Larger, fete Too Sottile Not To Be Allowed.Because The Great brittleness Of SmCo facili causa frattura Quandu Assimbrea. Please cunsultà Relevant tecnica Or Sales Per Per Details.

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