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Product Detail Normal Size Range:  W:3 — 200mm  ,  H:1.5 — 100mm  ,  L:1 — 200mm Max.Segment:  W200 × H80 × L50mm  ,  W80 × H50 × L200mm Min.Segment:  W3 × H2 × L0.5mm Note:For Large Segment, Not Allow Any Thin Dimension, Because The Great Brittleness Of SmCo Easily Cause Fracture When Assembly. Please Consult Relevant Technical Or Sales For Much Details.

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Detail prodottu

Range nurmali Size: W: 3 - 200mm, H: 1.5 - 100mm, L: 1 - 200mm
Max.Segment: W200 × H80 × L50mm, W80 × H50 × L200mm
Min.Segment: W3 × H2 × L0.5mm

Nota : Per Large linìa, Not lascialu Any Sottile Dimension, Pirchì The Great brittleness Of SmCo causa facili Frattura Quandu Assimbrea. Please cunsultà Relevant tecnica Or Sales Per Per Details.

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