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①The Traits And Applications Of Magnet System

Traits: The Magnet System By Magnets (SmCo, NdFeB, AlNiCo Or Ferrite) And Other Parts Assembly, Rubber And Steel May Become A Part Of The Magnetic System. Sometimes The Magnet Systems Can Meet Some Special Requirements While A Single Magnets Can Not Achieve Or Take The Magnet The Substitution, Achieves Effect Which The Magnet Can Achieve, In The Meantime, Using Magnet Systems Can Save More Cost Than Just Single Using Magnets.

Applications: Its Application Range Is Very Wide. Mainly Uses In Magnetism Running Water, Magnetism Sticking The Hook, The Liquid-Crystal Display, Each Kind Of Transformer, The Cooling Aqueous System And The Clean Tower, The Low Temperature Water Circulating System, The Indoor Atmosphere Control System, The Water Supply System, The Agricultural Irrigation, The Hot Spring Convalesces Etc.

②Magnet Performance Parameters

It And The Different Magnet Material And Product’s Size Has The Relations.

We Are Also Capable Of Processing Permanent Magnetic Device With Various Shape And Property According To Customer’s Drawings And Supplying Technique Service.