Rubber Magnets

①The Traits And Applications Of Rubber Magnets

Mainly Divided Into Isotropy And Anisotropy Rubber Magnet Two Kinds.

Traits: The Price Is Low, Processing Is Convenient And Not Easily Demagnetization, High Precision And Corrosion Resistence.

Applications: Isotropic Rubber Magnetic Magnetic Weakly, Mainly Used In The Refrigerator Magnet, Printing Products, And Propaganda Kind Things. Anisotropic Rubber Magnetic Has High Magnetic,Massive Applications In Miniature Motor And Magnetic Toys, Etc.


②Magnet Performance Parameters

Rubber Magnet Performance Table

Category Grade Remanence Coercivity Force Intrinsic Coercivity Maximun Energy
Br Hcb Hcj (BH)Max
Gs Oe Oe MGOe
Isotropic Rolling HM-7 1750-1850 1300-1400 2100-2300 0.65-0.75
Half The Anisotropic Extrusion HM-10 1800-1900 1500-1650 2200-2500 0.70-0.85
Half The Anisotropic Rolling HM-10 1950-2100 1500-1600 2050-2250 0.85-1.0
Anisotropic Extrusion HM-256 1900-2000 1650-1850 2600-3200 0.90-1.10
Anisotropic Rolling HM-256 2500-2600 2100-2300 2500-3000 1.50-1.60