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Product Detail Span Style=”Font-Size: 14px;”>Normal Size Range:  D:1.5 — 120mm  ,  Inner Hole:0.4 — 80mm  ,  H:0.3 — 120mm Max.Ring:  Outer Diameter 120mm-— Inner Diameter 80mm × H60mm  ,  Outer Diameter 80mm — Inner Diameter 50mm × H120mm Min.Ring:  Outer Diameter1.5mm — Inner Diameter0.4mm × H0.3mm Note:For Ring ,Not Allow Larger Outer Diameter With Too Think Thickness Or Wall Thickness.Because The Great Brittleness Of SmCo Easily Cause Fracture When Assembly .  Please Consu...

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samfurin Detail

Span style = "Font-Size: 14px;"> Al'ada Girman Range: D: 1.5 - 120mm, Inner Hole: 0.4 - 80mm, H: 0.3 - 120mm
Max.Ring: matsanancin diamita 120mm-- Inner diamita 80mm × H60mm, Outer diamita 80mm - Inner diamita 50mm × H120mm
Min.Ring: matsanancin Diameter1.5mm - Inner Diameter0.4mm × H0.3mm

Lura : Ga Zobe, Ba Bada Manyan matsanancin diamita Da Too tunanin kauri Ko Wall Thickness.Because The Great brittleness Of SmCo saukake saukar da karaya Lokacin da Majalisar. Don Allah Shawarci Relevant Technical Ko Sales Domin Mafi yawan Details.

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