SmCo Is Also Named With SmCo Magnetic Steel, SmCo Permanent Magnet, SmCo Permanent Magnetic Iron And Rare-Earth Cobalt Permanent Magnet. It's A Kind Of Material Made From Raw Earth Metal Samarium And Cobalt And Produced By After A Serial Of Process Burdening,Melting,Milling,Pressing And Sintering .It's Also A High Performance, Low Temperature Coefficient Permanent Magnet With Its High Working Temperature&Mdash;350 Degree Centigrade. When Working Above 180 Degree Centigrade, Its Maximum Energy Product BH And Steady Temperature Are Superior Than NdFeB Magnetic Materials. It Need't To Be Coated Because It Is Difficult To Be Eroded And Oxidized. SmCo Magnet Is Widely Used In Space Probe,National Defense And Military ,Microwave Appliance,Communication,Medical Equipments,Motors, Instruments, Various Magnetism Spreading Devices,Sensor,Magnetic Processor,Magnetic Lifter And So On.

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Ciri fisik

Property Fisik sebagean Of sintering SmCo Magnets
Jeneng paramèter unit SmCo1: 5 SmCo2: 17
Kapadhetan G / cm3 8.3 8.4
Curie suhu K 1000 1100
Vickers atose MPa 450-500 550-600
compressing Strength MPa 1000 800
resistivity Elektronik Ω.Cm 5 ~ 6 & Times; 10-5 8 ~ 9 & Times; 10-5
mlengkung Strength MPa 150-180 130-150
mulet Strength MPa 400 350
Koefisien Hot Of Expansion (10 -6 / ℃) ∥6⊥12 ∥6⊥11

Cathetan: Ndhuwur Nomer spesifik Tulung Consult, Ora Kanggo Dadi Basis Kang menehi kritik


Wigati: Agglutinates Umumé The Samarium kobalt 2: 17 Paling ngedhunake perlu The Jenuh magnetizing Field Punika Material dhewe HCj Value 2-3 Times


Perbandingan karakteristik Of Bahan Magnetic permanèn
bahan (BH) Max Posyandu br Tc (Suhu Makarya) Max Anti-Causticity
SmCo1: 5 16-25 15-25 -0,05 200-250 Good
SmCo2: 17 22-30 6-30 -0,03 luwih 300-350 Good
NdFeB 26-52 12-30 -0,11 80-200 Bad
Magnet Ferrite 3-4.5 3-4.5 -0,19 200-300 Good
AINiCo 5-10 1-1.8 -0,03 450-500 banget

Teknologi Lan Kaluwihan The Company:

1, NGYC Wis Paling Produksi Lanjut Lan pengawasan Equipment .Aku Apa Professional SmCo Magnets Enterprise Kang Nduweni scale Largest Lan Output Ing China.
2、Our Company Can Produce Max. Block 120x120;100mm With Full Magnetization.
3, NGYC Bisa Nawakake Produksi Kumpulan Kanggo High Grade YXG-32 Kanthi BH & Ge; 29MGOe.
4, NGYC Bisa supply Massa Of SmCo Magnets Kanthi Performance Stabil High And High HK (HK & Ge; 18KOe).
5, NGYC bisa gawé SmCo Magnets Liwat sumbu Kanthi Akeh cagak.
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6, Company Kita Bisa Nawakake The Magnets Kanthi soko Kurang 2 & deg; Antarane Teknik Axis Lan Magnetic Axis.
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anggeee ono gunane

(1)Sintered SmCo Permanent Magnetic Materials Have The Character Of Brittleness, Lacking Of The Ductility. So It Isn't Suitable For Using As Structural Part When Being Designed. The Physical Specifications Of SmCo(1:5) Is Better Than SmCo(2:17) Because SmCo(1:5) Is Easy To Machine While SmCo(2:17) Is More Brittle. SmCo Permanent Magnet Magnetized Must Be Picked Up Carefully During The Process Of Assembling, Avoiding Ironware To Prevent Absorbing Mutually And The Magnets Broke Off, Or Two Slices Of Magnetic Irons Cause Damage Resulted In Absorbing Together, Besides, It Will Even Cause Body-Hurt
(2)Sintered SmCo Permanent Magnetic Materials Would Make Some Slight Collision In The Process Of Producing, Packing And Delivering, So There May Be Have Some Visual Flaw Owing To A Bit Small Horn. However, It Wouldn't Damage Its Magnetic Specifications, Its Stability And Its Anti-Degenerated Magnetic Ability As Long As Its Flaw Doesn&Rsquo;T Affect Normal Construction Or Functions.
(3) Klien Sing Perlu Non-magnetized SmCo permanèn Magnet kudu acquaint Kanthi Equipments Self-Magnet Kanggo Tujuané Of Rampung Satiate Lan Magnetize Kita Products Utawa Kode.
(4) Yen Produk Dirancang Apa Ing nguntungke Alkali Utawa Ganggu Lingkungan Nglamar, Company Kita Muga Nyedhiyani Products Of Zn, Ni, Gold utawa Wreath oksigen dilapisi. We Aran Banget Anggun Kanggo Aplikasi Panjenengan. Welcome To Fax Utawa Priksa rembugan Email. Kita Pleased Kanggo Pitulung Sampeyan Kanthi Kabeh Masalah Of The Techniques. We All Work Hard Nyoba Nyedhiyani Sampeyan SmCo Bahan Magnetic permanèn karo Top-Quality Lan Low-Price.