Product Detail Span Style=”Font-Size: 14px;”>Normal Size Range:  D:1.5 — 120mm  ,  Inner Hole:0.4 — 80mm  ,  H:0.3 — 120mm Max.Ring:  Outer Diameter 120mm-— Inner Diameter 80mm × H60mm  ,  Outer Diameter 80mm — Inner Diameter 50mm × H120mm Min.Ring:  Outer Diameter1.5mm — Inner Diameter0.4mm × H0.3mm Note:For Ring ,Not Allow Larger Outer Diameter With Too Think Thickness Or Wall Thickness.Because The Great Brittleness Of SmCo Easily Cause Fracture When Assembly .  Please Consu...

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Span style = "font-size: 14px;"> Normal magnitudinis erucae: D: 1.5 - 120mm, interiorem rursus foramen 0.4 - 80mm, II, 0,3 - 120mm
Max.Ring: 120mm-- exteriora interiora cujusvis Circuli Diameter H60mm × 80mm, externae diametro 80mm - 50mm × Interius diameter H120mm
Min.Ring: Diameter1.5mm exteriores - interiorem Diameter0.4mm × H0.3mm

Nota : quia Centro Annulorum Diametros exteriores non patitur? Larger Cogitare crassitudo et Nimis aut quod magni Wall Thickness.Because Brittleness De SmCo facile quando Fractura Conventus. Technical quaeso consilium Recent Sales enim multum aut tristique sem.

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