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Product Detail Normal Size Range:  W:3 — 200mm  ,  H:1.5 — 100mm  ,  L:1 — 200mm Max.Bread-Shape:  W200 × H80 × L50mm  ,  W80 × H50 × L200mm Min.Bread-Shape:  W3 × H2 × L0.5mm Note:For Large Bread-Shape, Not Allow Any Thin Dimension, Because The Great Brittleness Of SmCo Easily Cause Fracture When Assembly. Please Consult Relevant Technical Or Sales For Much Details.

Taipitopito hua

Tūtohu hua

Taipitopito hua

Range Pūnoa Rahi: W: 3 - 200mm, H: 1.5 - 100mm, L: 1 - 200mm
Max.Bread-Hanga: W200 × H80 × L50mm, W80 × H50 × L200mm
Min.Bread-Hanga: W3 × H2 × L0. 5mm

Tuhipoka : hoki nui taro-Hanga, E kore Tukua tetahi Angiangi Ahu, No te mea te brittleness nui O SmCo Ngāwari Whakahohorotia a whati, no te Assembly. Koa Consult hāngai Hangarau ranei Sales hoki nui Taipitopito.

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