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Product Detail Span Style=”Font-Size: 14px;”>Normal Size Range:  D:1.5 — 120mm  ,  Inner Hole:0.4 — 80mm  ,  H:0.3 — 120mm Max.Ring:  Outer Diameter 120mm-— Inner Diameter 80mm × H60mm  ,  Outer Diameter 80mm — Inner Diameter 50mm × H120mm Min.Ring:  Outer Diameter1.5mm — Inner Diameter0.4mm × H0.3mm Note:For Ring ,Not Allow Larger Outer Diameter With Too Think Thickness Or Wall Thickness.Because The Great Brittleness Of SmCo Easily Cause Fracture When Assembly .  Please Consu...

Product Detail

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Product Detail

Taako Style = "Font-Size: 14px;"> Range Size Normal: D: 1.5 - 120mm, Inner Hole: 0.4 - 80mm, H: 0.3 - 120mm
Max.Ring: Ballaca awgiis 120mm-- 80mm Ballaca Inner × H60mm, awgiis 80mm dhexroor - 50mm dhexroor Inner × H120mm
Min.Ring: awgiis Diameter1.5mm - Inner Diameter0.4mm × H0.3mm

Fiiro gaar ah : Wixii Ring, Ma U ogolow Ballaca awgiis waana waaweyn Iyada oo aad u fikir dhumucdiisuna Or Wall Thickness.Because Brittleness Great The Of SmCo fudud Sababta Jab Marka Assembly. Fadlan tasho khuseeya Technical Or Sales Waayo, Details badan.

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