Quick facts about NGYC

   • Established in 1987.
   • Specializes in developing and producing 1:5 and 2:17 sintered SmCo magnetic materials.
   • With more than 30 years experience, NGYC has the most advanced equipment and technology for production, machining and inspection.
   • Customers include world famous automobile, railway, aircraft and motor manufacturers.
   • The NGYC site in Ningbo takes up 25,000 square meters (most of which is plant and equipment).
   • Fixed assets exceed 100 million CNY. 
   • More than 400 employees including 35 managerial personnel, 10 technicians and 35 quality control personnel.
   • Annual production capacity is approximately 1500 tons.
   • NGYC is one of the largest manufacturers of SmCo magnets in China with the most comprehensive range of grades.

● Top Quality Standards and Complete Products Series

NGYC has an engineering technology center and focuses on scientific research continuously and can mass-produce high-level samarium cobalt permanent magnet materials. The self-developed low temperature coefficient 1:5 and 2:17 samarium cobalt permanent magnets and high temperature resistance of 500 degrees Celsius samarium cobalt permanent magnets are widely used in aviation, such as aerospace, national defense and military, sensors and other fields. NGYC can produce a series of component products with different shapes and performances, and can also customize samarium cobalt magnets with special properties for users, and continue to develop and provide new performance grades.


● Comprehensive and Efficient Quality Control System

NGYC strictly follows the ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 quality control systems and at the same time strictly abides by the ISO14001:2015 environmental system. We are committed to developing our staff through ongoing training and 6S methodology in our management of activities. Our products have been certified by Ningbo city government as a Trusted Brand. Likewise NGYC is listed by the Ningbo city government as an Export Product Quality Assurance Enterprise.


●  Professional Large-scale Production of SmCo Magnets

With the most advanced equipment and technology for production, machining and inspection, NGYC has an annual production capacity for SmCo magnets of approximately 1500 tons. We can ensure the highest quality SmCo magnet products and meet your production schedule and requirement.


● Other Products

In addition to specializing in the production of sintered samarium cobalt magnets of various properties, NGYC also produces various magnetic application devices, soft magnetic and bonded samarium cobalt magnetic powders, and also operates NdFeB magnets, AlNiCo magnets, Ferrite magnets, rubber-plastic magnets, bonded NdFeB magnets, etc.44.jpg

● Convenient and Fast Self-operated Export Business

NGYC has well established import and export logistics systems in place. More than 80% of NGYC products are sold to US, European and Southeast Asian markets directly or indirectly. Efficient e-commerce services and supporting series production, quality control, and after-sales service systems provide customers with various guarantees.



● Advantageous Geographical Location

66.pngNGYC is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, one of China's magnetic material production bases. The convenient and complete magnetic material processing supporting services provide a strong guarantee for the production and processing of various difficult components and the fast delivery of high-quality products. The production of various magnetic materials with high quality and low price brings convenience to your purchase. The superior Ningbo port conditions and various convenient and fast transportation methods can make your urgently needed products reach you quickly.

In line with the tenet of "Quality First, Reputation First", NGYC provides samarium cobalt permanent magnet products of various shapes and properties to new and old friends domestic and abroad with excellent quality and very competitive prices. We can process permanent magnet components with different properties according to the customer's drawings, and provide technical services in material selection and application.

Sincerely welcomes people from all over the world to visit, contact, negotiate and establish various forms of cooperation.

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