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SmCo Magnets

Samarium Cobalt magnets, prorated with metallic samarium, cobalt and other rare metals, are first roughcast with different properties and grades after series technology processing from melting, milling, pressing and sintering. According to customers’ requirement, samarium cobalt roughcasts will be mechanically processed into relative shapes and sizes. Finally, products will be magnetized unless otherwise instructed by the customer. Because of its own magnetism and various magnetic effects, magnetic materials can provide magnetic fields for motors, magnetic machinery, sensors, microwave devices, etc., and play the transfer and conversion functions between magnetic energy and mechanical energy, electrical energy, etc., to achieve control effects.



As samarium cobalt magnets are processed by machining, both too complex designs and narrow tolerances may greatly increase the cost of manufacturing. For this reason machining or assembly processing must be taken into consideration in design because of the brittleness of SmCo which otherwise may easily chip or crack further increasing cost.

Production Process


Our Products Advantages

1. Can produce a series of sintered samarium cobalt products with various shapes and properties.
2. Max. block size that NGYC can produce is 130mm×130mm×100m with full magnetization.
3. Have ability to offer mass production for high grade YXG-33H with (BH)max 30-33MGOe.
4. Can supply large quantities of SmCo magnets with high stability, performance and high HK (HK≥18KOe).
5. Can produce magnets with planar multi-poles, the magnetization thickness generally cannot exceed 6mm.


6. Can produce 1:5 pure samarium cobalt magnets.
7. Can mass-produce large-scale radial magnetization magnets used in maglev high-speed motors, maglev blowers, etc.
8. NGYC can also manufacture magnets with specific characteristics to meet customers’ requirements, and are always exploring new products.
9. Can offer magnets with magnetic deviation less than 1°.

 Angle Deviation.pdf

10. Can be customized to produce ultra-high magnetic energy product YXG-35 grade SmCo products with Br=11.6-12kGs, (BH)max=32-35MGOe, which is the highest magnetic energy product in the current samarium cobalt industry.
11. Ultra-low temperature coefficient LTC (YXG-18) SmCo products can be customized to produce. At RT-100℃, the temperature coefficient of Br is -0.001%/℃, and the temperature stability is excellent.
12. High temperature resistant HT500 SmCo magnets can be customized and produced, and the maximum working temperature can reach 500 ℃.
13. Can produce various complex shapes and multi-angle magnetized SmCo products, such as Halbeck arrays.

Halbach Array Schematic Diagram.pdf

Since the establishment of the company, through continuous investment and development, NGYC has become a leading enterprise in China's samarium cobalt industry, with customers all over the world, and large companies in many countries have adopted our products, which are widely used in aerospace, rail transit, military fields, high temperature motors, microwave devices, magnetic transmission, etc. Welcome new and old friends to cooperate and consult!

General Dimensions and Shapes

General Dimensions and Shapes.pdf


① Of the three sizes noted above, only one or two of the largest sizes can be produced. M is the magnetization direction. Above pictures shown only the introduction of conventional shape products, we can also produce various shapes of samarium cobalt products, welcome to inquire with drawings.

② When the dimensions in multiple directions are large, our special bonding process can be used.

③ Because the samarium cobalt material is very brittle, the thickness of the product with a large outer diameter or a large square should not be too thin, and the wall of a large ring product should not be too thin. The specifics should be determined according to shapes and magnetization directions, etc.

When inquiring, please specify detailed information, such as size, tolerance, grade, quantity, coating, magnetization direction and other special requirements. Special-shaped products also need to provide drawings.

Sintered SmCo Magnet Magnetic Properties Standard (Customized).pdf

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